Wanaka Sleepout

This is a sleep out we produced for Doug and Maria. It is located in Wanaka and available for inspection on request.


The above images show a larger unit with ensuite and a smaller bunk room that we are building for a Holiday Park.

IMG_3354b IMG_3351b

This is a micro unit we made to fit on the back of a trailor.  It is big enough for a desk and chair, as demonstrated my my son Quinn who was my sales assistant for the day. I used a small solar panel, battery and inverter to run my printer and keep the laptop charged up. This unit was sold to a customer in Te Anau.

micropodgardenThis is our MicroPod unit –  at 1.2 metres wide by 1.7 metres long it is ideal for small backyards with limited access (it can be lifted by two people).  Ideal for a hobby room or home office.


This sleep out is fully solar powered. We used wooden french doors to soften the appearance of the unit. This unit is in Pounawea, South Otago.


The above unit was constructed for a client in Invercargill. We provided a prefabricated deck as well in wonderful saligna timber.  The client requested extra height and the joinery was double glazed with a UV tint.


The above design was put together for the NZ Housing Department Starter Home Competition. Constructed from two prefabricated 5m x 11m units there are a number of innovative features in this design which we hope to build for ourselves one day.

farm house plans 11000, 4000
michellemiller2bdrm2kThis is a two bedroom transportable home we are constructing at the moment for a client in Gore.

michellemiller1bdrm5This is a one bedroom transportable home design we developed while exploring options for the Gore client mentioned above.


Our new “Geo” unit incorporates alot of new techniques in a contemporary aesthetic.  This model can also be manufactured with ranchslider, bi-fold or french door entrance.

The “Classic” is 3.7m x 2.7m with a SIP floor for a low profile.  The joinery is double glazed and it has a solar power system (40 watt panel, 100aH battery, 1kw inverter. The client has painted the panel to match their house colour scheme.

The “Luna” is 2m long by 1.25m wide.  It can be used as a hobby room or home office and is easily shifted on a standard trailer. It was made using recycled joinery and has a macrocarpa tongue and groove floor.

The following are pictures of 1:10 scale models that Ross McCarthy made.. Ross has mocked up a single bedroom and office, a double bunk room and a bar! We can make these configurations with the cladding and colour scheme of your choice. See the options page for a list of the options or call us to discuss.


Sanctuary Garden Studios, PO Box 5536, Dunedin
brent@sanctuarystudios.co.nz, Mobile 021 1303 337


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